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30+ marketing automation experts and entrepreneurs
share their best tools and strategies for
growing your leads, sales and profits in 2017

Free 4-Day Online Event – March 14th to 17th

  30+ marketing automation experts and entrepreneurs share their best tools and strategies for growing your leads, sales and profits in 2017

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World Class Speakers

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Hand picked expert lineup

The EntrepreneursHQ team have hand-picked 30+ world class entrepreneurs and marketing automation experts to share with you what’s working now at the Marketing Automation Success Summit. These speakers represent some of the sharpest marketing automation and business minds on the planet.

We’ve persuaded them to teach you the latest and most powerful marketing automation tools and strategies for dramatically increasing your sales, revenue and profits in 2017.

David Darmanin

CEO at Hotjar, 60,000 signups (emails) for the Hotjar beta

Neil Patel

Co-founder of Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics and Hello Bar, recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations

Greg Smith

CEO & Co-Founder at Thinkific, Greg's first online business (an online course) is fully automated, requires less than one hour a week of his time and generates 6 figures annually

Megan Harrison

Owner of Megan Harrison Consulting and Creator of Online Courses Academy, helped generate over $4 million dollars in revenue for our clients through their online courses and programs

Guillaume Cabane

VP Growth at Segment, spent 6 years at Apple as the Business Development Manager for Europe Online B2B

Yariv Dror

CEO at StoreYa. able to grow 150,000 SMBs from 186 countries

Don Breckenridge

CEO at Hatchbuck, the Hatchbuck team hasn't made a cold call since starting up in 2012 and has grown revenue by 2300%

Jeremy Ellens

Co-founder at LeadQuizzes, LeadQuizzes' clients have increased their lead capture by 50,000 people per month and sales by over $100,000 per month

Ryan O’Donnell

Co-Founder SellHack & Replyify, 96 hours a month saved automating prospect list building, sending cold emails, and following up

Scott Brinker

Editor at, co-founder of ion interactive, a provider of interactive content marketing software to many of the world's leading brands

Josh and Jill Stanton

Co-Founders of Screw the Nine to Five, implementing "Perfect Sales Funnel" to scale their business from 90k in 2015 to over 460k in 2016

Stephen Esketzis

Sales Funnel Architect at, Built and scaled sales funnels for himself and clients into seven and eight figures in revenue

Paras Chopra

Founder & CEO at Wingify, at $15mn annual run rate and completely bootstrapped

Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences, been able to reduce the acquisition cost of new leads and customers for a wide variety of industries

Trey Lewellen

MR. ON IT at Trey Lewellen Companies, selling thousands of product per month, creating a database of over 1MM subscribers, 300,000 buyers, building a company with close to 50 employees and contractors

Gabor Koncz

Founder & CEO at Automizy a marketing automation tool for SaaS companies, Automizy clients have about 30 million users and they send more than 100 million emails monthly

Laura Pence Atencio

Speaker & Online Marketing Strategist at Social Savvy Geek, used automation to save both time and money by using tools to streamline their systems

Andrew McCauley

Co Founder at AutoPilot Your Business, customized automated strategies have continually seen 300-500% growth in traffic to business websites, and reducing many hours per week for his clients

Carl Taylor

Founder & CEO of Automation Agency, built businesses that generate income and deliver products completely hands off

Jason Stone

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor at Millionaire Mentor Inc, 2.3 million followers, 340k email subscribers

Greg Hickman

Founder & CEO at, helped clients implement funnels/systems that enabled them to break $1mm annually and many others to more than double their business in the last 14 months

Heather Porter

Digital Engagement Strategist at Digital Voice, over 10K Facebook Fans from automated ads, daily tripwire/introductory sales from her funnel, ongoing monthly revenue from her membership site

Wes Schaeffer

The Sales Whisperer®, helped over 2,355 entrepreneurs around the world start and/or optimize their sales and marketing automation processes since 2008

Nick Unsworth

CEO at Life on Fire, grown to over 177k social media followers through automation, 53,000 email subscribers, and have a profitable 7 figure business

Tom Breeze

YouTube Advertising Expert at, going to talk about YouTube ads and how to automate it as a way to drive traffic

Troy Broussard

Infusionsoft Automation Expert, SaaS Business Owner & Best Selling Author at MyFusion Helper, Big yield, from a tiny list - all using automation

Barney Davey

Founder at Art Marketing News & My Marketing Courses, able to use Facebook advertising and Marketing Automation to add an average of 800 new subscribers a month

Greg Jenkins

Founder and Marketing Automation Expert at Monkeypod Marketing, helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses by using automation to scale; practices list nurture religiously with an emphasis on segmentation to drive high audience engagement.

Brandon Schaefer

Chief Marketing Officer at MyVirtualSalesForce, over 59,000 Twitter followers, over 14,500 Instagram followers, and over 10,500 Google+ followers. All cultivated through different types of automation

Trevor Turnbull

CEO at Linked Into Leads & Founder at 30 Day Sales Machine, 20,000 email subscribers, 600+ members, $500,000+ revenue

Paul Sokol

Mad Scientist at PLS Consulting, built campaign for Shark Tank winner that did six figures in its first 9 days

John Nemo

Creator at Webinars That Work, Over the past 60 days averaged 6-8 sales per week of a $1497.00 USD online training program, LinkedIn Riches, all without having to spend any time "live" online doing the webinar itself

Get Access To 30+ Speaker Interviews On How To Generate More Leads and Sales With Marketing Automation

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What you’ll learn


– Discover new strategies and tools for putting your marketing on autopilot

– How to create follow up email campaigns to nurture your database

– How to save time and money by on-boarding your clients automatically

– How to generate a flood of new and qualified leads consistently with a one-time set up

Plus much more!

Why Should You Attend

This Online Summit?

1. Your ticket is FREE (a $997 value)

Many 4-day conferences featuring world class speakers charge thousands of dollars for admission. But I’m giving you a free ticket because I don’t have the same overheads or costs as as running an in-person seminar (such as hiring a venue in an expensive hotel or putting on catering).

2. Learn from world class entrepreneurs and automation experts

I’ve personally hand-picked 30+ successful entrepreneurs and automation experts who are going to teach you the latest marketing automation strategies and tools for attracting more leads, sales and revenue in 2017.
Forget boring theories, fluff and the same old ‘marketing tips’. You’re going to learn practical, real-world strategies that are working right now. And we’ll walk you through exactly how to implement them into your business and get results.

3. Learn from the comfort of your home (or anywhere else)

You won’t have to waste time and money on flights, accommodation and traveling to and from a conference room. You don’t even need to leave your house to attend this online event! You can attend from home or anywhere else. All you need is a computer or a smartphone, and an internet connection.

Get Access To 30+ Speaker Interviews On How To Generate More Leads & Sales With Marketing Automation

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What Previous Summit Attendees Have To Say

Neil Perry


‘Could not get enough of your summit. Just loved it!’

“This was just fantastic! I listened to each one of the experts and found such value from the common elements they all found important and labelled as “must do’s”. What really excited me was that each one of them also provided a unique tip that I was not aware of. Could not get enough of your summit. Just loved it! Thank you so much for putting it together.” 

– Margie Hanson, Los Angeles, California

Neil Perry

‘Ten pages of notes and a lot of practical advice’

“Didn’t think I would watch more than a couple hours of the 30 presentations, but ended up watching virtually all of it. Very nicely done, great content, ten pages of notes and a lot of practical advice.”

– Neil Perry, Marketing Consultant, Sydney, Australia

Olivia Goudou

‘I enjoyed listening to the roster of high calibre speakers’

“I enjoyed listening to the roster of high calibre speakers and was amazed by their generosity sharing tips, tricks and secrets. And Liam, I also learned a lot from your expertise as the host. The conversational tone and the preciseness of your questions contributed to an easy understanding and digestion of this rich information. I look forward to the next summit.

– Olivia Goudou

Camille Carboneau Roberts

‘This summit was fantastic!’

“Thank you, Liam, and your team for hosting it. You did a great job interviewing the speakers. This summit was fantastic! I really learned a lot and I have only listened to 8 of the presentations so far! Thank you, again, for making this happen!”

– Camille Carboneau Roberts, Idaho Falls, United States

Judit Nagy

‘You put together a great summit with fantastic speakers’

“Thank you Liam for the hard work! You put together a great summit with fantastic speakers. Thanks to the speakers for giving so much to us.” 

– Judit Nagy

At EntrepreneursHQ we love creating

amazing summits for you!

At EntrepreneursHQ we hand-pick the very best talent – people with a proven track record of success – to share their expertise with you. 

How do we know our expertise will deliver results?

Because the tactics our experts teach have been battle tested in their own businesses with proven results.

Most of our speakers aren’t consultants, so one-on-one time with them would be nearly impossible. They’re people who run or work in a business, using strategies that really works. 

That’s the kind of people we believe you should be learning from to make a real difference for you business. 

Our past events have been huge successes with 10,000 – 21,000 attendees – will you be joining us this time?


Liam Austin

Success Summit Host and co-founder of EntrepreneursHQ: an online community of 100,000+ business owners

Hi! I’m Liam Austin, my mission is to help you grow your business, regardless of whether you are an advanced marketer or just starting out. I bring together the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and marketing automation experts, extract their top tactics and walk you through their processes step by step.

No fluff, no gimmicks, no complicated procedures – just actionable strategies so you can implement them straight into your business and get results. 

Marketing Automation Success Summit was created in response to a recent survey of 500 business owners. If you’d like to discover the latest strategies and tools top entrepreneurs are using to attract more leads, sales and revenue, then this summit is for you.

Let me show you the new tools smart entrepreneurs and experts are to put their sales and lead generation on autopilot.

Register your free ticket for the summit today and together we will make 2017 your best year ever!




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Marketing Automation Success Summit

 Free 4-Day Online Event – March 14th to 17th

30+ marketing automation experts and entrepreneurs share their best tools and strategies for growing your leads & sales in 2017

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